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Prepare your question. Think it through. Hasty-sounding questions get hasty answers, or none at all. The more you do to demonstrate that having put thought and effort into solving your problem* before seeking help, the more likely you are to actually get help.

An excerpt from How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (note: http only) by Eric Steven Raymond & Rick Moen

The above page was written to assist in asking technical questions to solve computing problems, but much of it is generally applicable for provoking quality responses. ________

*The problem here being one of understanding
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I agree : the question, if it is one seeking an actual answer, is a bad one. But I guess we can be more charitable and view this question purely as a conversation starter around an issue. Maybe OP wants to have the view of a wide number of people around this subject one general, and purposefully makes questions as imprecise as possible. If I am not mistaken, I saw other questions of the same type by OP before.
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Correct assumption. I just like how people differently approach these questions. They are really general, I agree, but that’s what I like in them and answers some are trying to add.

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