It’s very likely that Reddit will start blanket banning leftist and especially communist subs very soon. As another user said, the Library of Alexandria is about to get set on fire.

What other subreddits would be worth mirroring over to Lemmygrad? I’m thinking /r/sino? Their debunk lists are already on, but not a huge number of their posts, and isn’t completely trustworthy to retain this stuff either. /r/communism, despite a lot of people here no longer being a fan of it, still has a lot of good resources, as does /r/communism101 and /r/debatecommunism. IMO at least their top posts should be saved. Anyone can think of any else?

Comments should be saved too. Lots of great resources and discussion in those.

Also, is the GenZedong mirror bot’s source code anywhere? I’d be interested in hosting it for some of the other subs if it is!
8một năm

/r/InformedTankie has some really high quality posts too. There is some cross posting overlap, but I think it’d still be worth it.

I tried to backup r/Russia yesterday, but scraping quarantined subreddits is hard. Also, they have turned on only email verified accounts to read/access the subreddit, so I am trying with a custom PRAW API.

None, until the GenZedong mirror bot works better and is less spammy.

3một năm

is there a way to download ones saved links in a suspended account?

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