EDIT: Please do not go out and try to harass or insult Enigma. This post was not made to create a witch hunt against them. This post was made to criticise his stance on Russia and nothing more. End of story.

Hello comrades. Recently a fellow comrade of ours named @EN16MA@lemmygrad.ml wrote out a little masterpost to the Communist forum here on Lemmygrad titled “Russia is Marching Towards Socialism”. In this post, Enigma makes a number of claims about the current state of the Russian Federation, but the most prominent one is what the title says: that Russia is moving towards socialism, and has effectively become a dictatorship of the proletariat under Putin’s rule.

Here is the original post: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/175705

I hate to come down on a fellow comrade like this, but to quite blunt, this post is a hunk of shit. It is absolutely riddled with the most ridiculous claims that grasp at perhaps the world’s longest straws to try and make the argument that Russia in its current form is any way “socialist”. It only serves to make the rest of us MLs look like complete buffoons with no knowledge of history or foreign affairs.

This post of mine aims to debunk Engima’s claims and hopefully put both them and the rest of this community on the right path with regards to Russia, so that we all have a better understanding of what exactly is up with this country and where we should stand on it. It is very clear that Engima has no real understanding of current Russian politics and that is what I aim to address in this response.

According to the words of Vladimir Putin himself, since 2020 Russia has been in an NEP. The process of moving towards a socialist state began in 2020 with the establishment of a new NEP. Russia is still capitalist, specifically state capitalist with a strong market sector similar to China but it could be argued that Russia is currently a Dictatorship of the Proletariat:

So basically what Enigma is referring to here is an event in April 2020 in which Putin announced a list of measures of social protection, support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and changes in fiscal policy. Putin announced the following measures for microenterprises, small- and medium-sized businesses: deferring tax payments (except Russia’s value-added tax) for the next six months, cutting the size of social security contributions in half, deferring social security contributions, deferring loan repayments for the next six months, a six-month moratorium on fines, debt collection, and creditors’ applications for bankruptcy of debtor enterprises.

In short, Putin’s aim was to forgive all Russian loans and business tax payments for the next six months.

I don’t think I need to explain why this policy bears no resemblance at all to the NEP, other than its focus on helping small private businesses. Putin’s policy here is not some wide-sweeping change to the Russian economy like the NEP was; it’s literally just a COVID-19 relief scheme.

The only reason Enigma tries to equate them is because Putin himself equated his policy to the NEP. This is a comically terrible point for two reasons:

  1. If Enigma actually did his research, he would’ve known Putin’s claim was bullshit to begin with, and
  2. As Engima admits himself, Russia is still a capitalist system. Capitalist leaders are literally SUPPOSED to say whatever sounds the best in order to get people to trust and follow them. Why, then, would Enigma automatically assume Putin is telling the truth when he equates his covid relief scheme to the fucking NEP? This whole point is just ridiculous and clearly demonstrates Enigma’s lack of knowledge on Russian and Soviet history.

Well, Enigma must realise his logic is already faltering because he proceeds to try and make the argument that Russia (sigh) has already become a DOTP. How does he argue this, you may ask?

A recent example of Russia being a DOTP was when Putin at the start of the special military operation in Ukraine scolded the bourgeoisie for not falling in line. Russia deals with their bourgeoisie similar to China, with an iron fist.


What Engima appears to be referring to here, I guess, is Putin scolding members of the Russian elite for not supporting the invasion of Ukraine. How the hell does this have ANYTHING to do with Russia being controlled by the proletariat??? If anything, this only PROVES that the Russian oligarchs are still a problem, if Putin is having to call them out on live television for going against him! Regardless of how you feel about the invasion of Ukraine, this “argument” of Enigma’s is really just a non-argument. I have no idea why he even brought this up to begin with, it means literally nothing. And that comparison with China is so weak. China executes its billionaires on a regular basis. Putin scolds them on national television. Come on. Russia is not a DOTP.

Well, next up Enigma tries to argue that Russia is socialist because of “state planning” and nationalisation:

3/4’s of the economy is owned by the state, while there is also strong and vibrant small and medium medium sized firms in a market sector which have been promoted by the state as alternatives to foriegn oligopolies.

You know, South Korea also executed five-year plans during its recovery from the Korean War. Does that make South Korea socialist now? For Christ’s sake, this is literally a liberal/conservative’s understanding of socialism. Nationalisation does not equal socialism. State planning does not equal socialism. This should not have to be explained to someone who claims to be a socialist, let alone a Marxist-Leninist.

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov has high praise for Putin and has even suggested that he should become leader of the party. This suggestion does not come from an empty vacuum, Putin has actually for the last several years not been apart of United Russia and has been antagonistic towards the party. He has instead supported Fair Russia (in the last election) who had talks of joining in a coalition with the Communist Party. Putin has also on multiple occasions praised Communism and Communist figures of the past.

This whole paragraph is rather incoherent and seems to bounce back and forth between “the communists love to putin” to “putin actually hates the communists” to “putin loves communist figures”.

First of all, Zyuganov is a terrible human being. He opposes abortion and LGBT rights, is extremely antisemitic, and supports Reaganist trickle-down economics and the Russian Orthodox Church. So saying he’s buddy-buddy with Putin isn’t a very good look.

Secondly, tagging Putin as a communist because he praises communist figures is just beyond laughable. Not only do Putin’s policies not resemble any Soviet policies as we have established, but he has also gone out of his way a number of times to disgrace figureheads like Lenin and Stalin. Just recently, in fact, the Russian government ordered the bulldozing of a monument of Lenin reading, “Peace and Love to All Peoples!” Putin just says whatever he can to get the people on his side; in reality he doesn’t have any loyalty to his country’s communist legacy. The fact Enigma just finds quotes of Putin praising communists and rolls with it, really shows how unwilling he is to think critically about what he is reading, which is the essence of being a communist.

Alright, so, after this point Enigma goes on a long tangent where he praises Russia for invading Ukraine, but I don’t think I need to get into it. I think I’ve said enough already about why Enigma’s little “masterpost” on Russia is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen from this community in quite a while. I don’t mean any personal disrespect to @EN16MA@lemmygrad.ml, but seriously dude, do your research next time. Posts like these just make the rest of us look like a bunch of uneducated nutcases and will just turn people off from the path of Marxism-Leninism, especially in times like these. Hopefully this post is what you need to start thinking more critically like an actual communist and Marxist.

Russia is not socialist, nor is it on the path to socialism. I hope I have this made point abundantly clear today.

I’m russian. I’m currently live in Russian. And i want to say, Russian Federation isn’t socialist state. Furthermore they’re quite the opposite. Elite and government support decommunization and gloryfication of white guard (russian conterrevolutionary). Antisoviet propaganda everywhere: from movies to tv-programm. Class inequality is very strong. And bussines with official treat people like shit. Nationalist rhetoric increasingly sound from ruling class. Ukraine government is much worse. But don’t have any illusions about capitalist Russian Federation.

Thanks, and I have respect for Russian communists that have survived so much. I have friends in Russia.

Thank you. We have respect to west and east comrades who don’t turn into neolib zombie too.

Trust me, the mental effects are hard.

Don’t forget about the “spirituality” craze

Comrade AppleDash

Yes, thank you for this. We need comrades like you who can speak the truth directly.

I guess that it is not easy for outsiders to notice this since Putin had oppose Western imperialism instead of imperial alliance with superpower to oppress the global south. Putin had also tried peace talk with Ukraine government for 8 years on the Ukraine attack towards Donbass citizens as punishment for the Ukraine rebelling states which provides justification for Putin’s military intervention. The pro-NATO fake news recently boosted that it successfully drive Russian force from Kyiv and this could be a secret message of “Putin had neutralized Kyiv military capability to attack Donbass citizen and so Putin will now leave Kyiv in peace”.

it is not very productive for the conversation to call other comrades with different points of view, libs and rightoids.

But MuH DiFFeRenT PoIntS of VieW

No. If they libs and rightoid they libs and rightoids. If you against proletarian dictatorship you are the enemy of the people. Simpe as is.

of course i am with the dictatorship of the proletariat, more than you think. but what has it got to do with you calling here comrades libs and rightoids? is this how comrades talk to each other, you think? this is not a football stadium in here. It is a communist community and perhaps it is you that dont belong here.

It’s misunderstandind. All i mean it’s here, in Russia, we have many libs. Not on lemmy.

Ok, then i am sorry for calling you out, i misunderstood your point.

I agree that Russia isn’t socialist and that it’s debatable at best that it’s moving towards socialism. I think people here can take support for Russia too far. Like, supporting a country doesn’t mean supporting every aspect about it and I’m not saying that in order to “both sides” the issue.

This sports fan mentality is exactly why discussing politics on Reddit sucks so much and I expect more from Lemmy.


I’m glad someone is taking the time to call out such steaming bullshit. Putin himself is worth some $200bn, he’s obviously in for himself, not the working class.

Comrade AppleDash

Exactly. Putin is a selfish opportunist in every conceivable way.

I’m glad you enjoyed my response :D

Enigma is a Maupinite.

I think he should be banned.


Hear, hear

I’m serious. He’s even caused trouble for the CPI (as in, the Communist Party of Ireland that he’s apart of). I would be really careful. He caused problems in one CPUSA community that I was apart of and tried to instigate Maupinism or some form of “Patriotic Socialism.”

I must say, in Tankie Bunker, he is well-known as he has defended and gone on long screeds defending PatSocs like the Infrared gang. I would really be careful because he often comes with a group with him.

We were once brigaded with these people (we also got brigaded by Maoists early on who worked with fascists). Do not underestimate these groups. I know it’s “just the Internet” but we have to be careful when it comes to some Internet spaces, especially since subreddits that are communist on, well, Reddit are tenuous at best and are liable to being taken out or banned or quarantined on a whim.

In Tankie Bunker for example and in the CPUSA as well we often take a hardline: either the person gives up on ideas antithetical to the party line shortly after joining (for example, SolidNet communist parties do this with anarchists or utopian socialists or other non-Marxist or non-Marxist-Leninists or they are shunned and eventually kicked out, full-stop. Do NOT underestimate these people because they try to take over Internet communities as well, same as the Maoists do).

Deviationists to our right, deviationists to our left.

Let’s not make the same mistakes Tankie Bunker and my own org did in underestimating this problem while our sights were elsewhere, whether it was getting the community set up on Tankie Bunker or trying to navigate the pandemic environment while strengthening ties with the CPC in China.



I’ll forward this to the mod team here.

It’s up to you, but I would take this, err, seriously. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen people defend… this person:


Hello Makan, I think we talked at least once or twice a couple years back. I own a discord server called Weeb Revolution and quite a few people have spilled over from Tankie Bunker through invites. Anyways I don’t know much about what position you hold in Tankie Bunker, but the stories i hear about Tankie Bunker are a little alarming. I realize there is only so much oversight a mod team can have presumably not getting payed at all, but several tankie bunker ‘refugees’ have asserted that they saw grooming occurring in Tankie Bunker. Also there are the horror stories of Cassia who moderates r/communism and was connected with Tankie Bunker? (honestly this has become such a internet leftist urban legend i don’t even know the origin of this one except i have seen those infamous chatlogs).

My point is I don’t appreciate this push to ban EN16MA on these allegations. You can disagree with his opinions and his politics all you want. However, from my perspective I will say EN16MA is a very diligent person constantly compiling resources that anyone can dive into and research. I’m not familiar with him in person or his role in the Communist Party of Ireland so i can’t say much there, but I think it would be a harmful precedent to ban people for being associates of Maupin or even Infrared (though Infrared fans i admit could be a bit more sketchy considering the aggressive strategies of that community, perhaps case by case basis there)

The grooming was done by Maoists and PatSocs and outside the server. This is just dumb slander. Cassia attacked us; not the other way around.

/r/communism connected to Tankie Bunker? Not in your life. She hated BayArea415, who I advised. She was also for the Maoist takeover of /r/communism.

Cassia is a groomer, a psychopath. Stay away from her. Do not engage. Ban on sight.

EN16MA hangs out with Maupinites in their server. He has even sabotaged the CPI (Community Party of Ireland) yet wears the CPI on his Twitter account. I don’t disagree with his opinions; his viewpoints, that of social-patriotism, is antithetical to Marxism-Leninism. He has brigaded our server. He has constantly gone to bat for PatSocs like Infrared and Maupin and Jackson Hinkle.

You’ve seen his resource page? And you approve of the drivel he posts there to support figures like Earl Browder and support what could be fed infiltration or fascist infiltration of a SolidNet communist party? He literally works for the other CPI organization by Maupin and Retweets his posts.

You realize that he hung out at the Finbol Discord server for a long time even after all that shit about Finbol grooming people came out? And what the hell were you doing there?

You should be willing to stamp out this rot and yet instead we have dumbasses like the ones that are on /r/communism’s mod team that actively attack others and manupulate others.

You realize that Maupin’s organization is incredibly sexist and that most women leave a year into the organization? You realize that Maupin doesn’t even look at Indigenous people as being somehow apart of the working-class movement to topple the American state? Yes, Native Americans living in the United States, under a rogue state, under “America,” are not apart of the movement.

The fuck? You talk to me about the shit that happened in Tankie Bunker with the constant fascist/Maoist threats to us previously and then the constant brigades led by the Maupinites by the likes of people like EN16MA? The hell? And don’t even talk about the allegations against Weeb Revolution? Yes. Some neutrality.

We are talking about a force of modern-day social-patriots that literally tried to infiltrate, through subterfuge, a SolidNet - a SolidNet party, mind you, recognized by the CPC internationally - and, then gives a conference at their own organization (with Haz even going so far as to see reactionaries as taking priority in terms of recruitment) in which they celebrate Earl Browder through his own aesthetics and talking-points.

What the hell are you doing? Covering for Haz/Infrared? Covering for Maupin? The fuck? People that pass literature and extol Duginist literature and support and sing the praises of anti-communists like Lyndon LaRouche?

EN16MA has a twitter? forgive my ignorance of their entire online presence. This is their website I have checked out https://liberation.neocities.org/site/socialism.html I havent clicked on every link, but there are a wide range of resources like basic introductions to Marxist-Leninist theory, a Full PDF of Killing Hope, an interview Jason Unruhe (questionable figure there) did with a member of the Black Panthers, Maupin tweets. I could see why you don’t like this resource, but I haven’t seen the connections to Browderism though maybe a link alluded me there are many.

On why I joined the Finbol server. It was actually EN16MA who sent me the invite link to it, I had to search through a chatlog to remember that and he said there was going to be a dengist uprising. He was having an argument with a person name Caelliox who thinks China is revisionist. I was basically repulsed by what I saw in that server and the argument about China was not conductive at all. EN16MA was arguing in favor of China, and im not sure how long they were in the Finbol server, but it certainly is as problematic as it is said to be from my exposure to it

Personally I think the CPUSA is failing its duties at the leadership level, and I do agree with Haz’s assessment the CPUSA is currently prostitutes to the Democratic Party. So yes it should be taken over, rightist are already in leading it

You realize that if they’re lured into social-patriotism, which Lenin railed against and refuted time and time again, that that will cloud the trajectory of their development into Marxism and Marxism-Leninism and will simply reproduce more PatSocs?

And that promoting figures like Jason Unruhe and Maupin, even uncritically or off-handedly, is how they remain financially afloat? You do realize that Maupin has publicly extolled Earl Browder and Browderism?

You realize that he told us that he was there since 2014? And you’re telling me that he goes around trying to take Discord servers over?

You do realize that Haz/Infrared are rightists? So you are a supporter of PatSocs so long as you feel that groups you don’t like are taken out? The everlasting fuck? You want CPUSA to turn to racism and sexism, of which Haz and Infrared are ardent followers of Maupin?

I’m sorry, but these idiots want to American patriotism and you want the CPUSA to turn rightward simply to “own the libs” or some shit? What? lmao



You realize that if they’re lured into social-patriotism, which Lenin railed against and refuted time and time again, that that will cloud the trajectory of their development into Marxism and Marxism-Leninism and will simply reproduce more PatSocs?

I don’t think we’re going to reach common ground on the patriot question. Lenin railed against chauvinist, yes, but not socialist patriots. This whole divide has been nothing but asinine from the start. If the masses are going to build socialism in their own country shouldn’t it just be a basic understanding these people will be patriots? I think this is generally understood except for the Left in America apparently. Attack the character of Maupin, Haz, and Infrared all you want I think that point still stands.

You realize that he told us that he was there since 2014? And you’re telling me that he goes around trying to take Discord servers over? no i did not realize that, and i wouldn’t call having a debate in one channel a takeover since it fell pretty flat

You do realize that Haz/Infrared are rightists? So you are a supporter of PatSocs so long as you feel that groups you don’t like are taken out? The everlasting fuck? You want CPUSA to turn to racism and sexism, of which Haz and Infrared are ardent followers of Maupin?

I listened to Haz’s plan for the infiltration of the CPUSA. It basically boiled down to him advocating for people to join the CPUSA then climb their way up as respected members then use the parties democratic system to secure their own seats on the national committee. I don’t know the nitty gritty details of how that plan has been going, im not involved or a member of the CPUSA myself. However, it does seem telling how much the CPUSA leaders freaking out over this, are they really that scared of being voted out? The claim that the CPUSA will be turned sexist and racist is their own slander against the initial surge of infrared members in the CPUSA

Makan ☭ CPUSA