Why does the Dalai Lama still exist at all?

In what sense? “Why doesn’t he get a job and do something more productive”?

More like: Why are the Tibetan people still following a religion that directly served to enslave them?

Because it worked too much to enslave them the same way Christianity worked super nice to keep black people in the US mentally enslaved. Religions are basically made to emotionally manipulate the population into blindly following their leaders or they will go to Hell, the sky will fall, bad karma so they will reincarnate in lower classes (this one is actually a Buddhist rethoric where it reinforces classism the same way the Bible commands slaves to be obedient to their masters and women to be tied to their husbands), a flood will happen, etc, at least since its obvious manufacture in Sumer, were its priests were also its kings. It’s the best propaganda to the point, that the word “propaganda” was coined as a Christian practice for expanding and maintaining the religion.

Why do people in general follow religions meant to enslave them? I don’t know.

Weilai Hope

Because they grow up with it and it becomes their identity so they cant let it go without metaphorically killing themselves.

And then even non believers will defend it to the death of the last critics to a point where they will then look in a Pikachu Face once post revolution territories become almost theocracist places.

A few million dollars from the CIA can’t hurt.

Religion… I’d ask the pope the same question

Same reason any other religion exists at all.

Oh, no, comrade, watch out! “we support religious comrades here!” This is “radical atheism”! Or whatever.



It’s an indirect

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