I have Marx-Engels reader 2nd edition, essentials of Lenin(Imperialism, what is to be done, capitalism in Russia, LeftWingComm and State+Rev) and Stalin’s Anarchism or Socialism, Marxism and the National Question and Foundations of Leninism. I don’t really wanna add too many books right now bc I have so many that I haven’t read yet. I’m nearly done with Anarchism or Socialism, what would be next on my list/what order would you put these in for a new Marxist? Thanks


Here’s a good study guide, with a lot of audiobooks linked.


Trotsky seems to be a dirty word to a lot of people here but “In Defense of Marxism” is a must read as far as I’m concerned.

Early Trotsky actually was pretty good, I just don’t like his Eternal Revolution or whatever he called it.

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