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i did play golf a few times when i was invited to in the states and i did enjoy the game. on the other hand, it was designed by people who hate nature and people. i prefer trial golf, but unfortunately central europe lacks the stalker-esque industrial trial golf courts that would inspire me to pursue this game on my own account

oh, it takes immense amounts of farming land, requires immense amounts of pesticides and wastes water and sand. just the idea of how golf clubs are being run would inspire me to just transfer their court memberships for a set of gulag inmate clothing.

sometimes when i reload i see a different avatar name and an actual avatar graphic in my account section up left glitching through as if there were some shadow account being loaded instead of my actual account. saw this stuff happening twice. can be a memory leak or some other pre-buffering glitch, but it looks like a serious issue, unfortunately i can’t provoke or recreate the issue when i want to, but i have definitely noticed it

i don’t think that anyone rooting for russia right now is unaware of russia being an autocratic and fascist system with social nationalism ( - because patriotism is farmed, yet not exclusive of other minorities). There are still many remnants of socialist federalism in the russian system as it was bred into the people and since foreign consultancies weren’t allowed to penetrate the system as deeply, i see more hope for the russian social system than for the European ones which are currently in a state of self-cannibalisation to feed foreign corporate synergies (KPMG/McKinsey siphoning wealth into their american strategist pools)

is there a way to download ones saved links in a suspended account?

the problem is not the platform but the content that will disappear. there is way too much content we need on youtube and other platforms that has to be saved, downloaded and made peer2peerable in some way so we don’t lose the main function of the internet to us in the coming months/Years. which is a collection of knowledge. not propaganda, misdirection, advertisement&misinformation as it has become…

on second thought, this had been coming a long time, remember reddit going public a few months back? This is the US warcriminal oligarchs trying to put the lid on another platform which has non-infiltrated and stubborn leftists communities creating counternarratives and making them available.

guys: download all the youtube videos you use as sources, download the pages, the library of alexandria will be set on fire in the months to come

The Gen Zedonged me here. i m done with reddit suspension, i wanna go to a proper leftist gulag properly managed by stalinist tankies with self-crit and then everybody clapping and the whole 9 yards the next time and not some measly red stripe, by fascist-copypasta-circlejerk

and users are getting suspended left and right with no recourse and no reason, which prompts the pinkwashers of azov to cheer something along the lines of “the silence must be because russian trolls have lost funding”

shitlibs are like parrots, once a sentence sticks , they ll repeat it forever, with no regards for context