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Not suggesting you don’t support China. Asking if supporting a socialist country classes as patriotic Socialism? I think that’s a reasonable question.

I don’t. I kept thinking last time I read Lenin to write some of them down. Whether they work as stand alone quotes I don’t know. I’ll try and put something together.

There are not many sports I can think of that I would ban but I feel a sports centred culture reinforces the whole capitalism “competition is good” thing. We are left with the idea that the only fun in a sport or game is to win. This is ridiculous, no wonder obesity is rife in the west. There is no need to make everything so cut throat when only %0.001 of people are going to get anywhere with it professionally anyway. People can’t seem to just relax and enjoy it.

“In the past people worked around 10 or even 12 hours a day”

Before capitalism people worked about four hours a day I think. I’ll take that.

Listen to Gangsterismo by Jack Colhoun on Audible. https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/B00HZ678FM?source_code=ASSORAP0511160007

You might be able to find a free version somewhere and there are other books on the subject. How the gangsters controlled Cuba before the Cuban Revolution. It’s pretty interesting.

I like Popper’s falsifiability idea and I like his critical thinking style in general. His philosophy works are good to read. I recommend the myth of the framework. When you see his style I can understand why he’d not have much patience for Marx’s dialectics.

On the flip side, Popper never used those critical thinking skills on himself. He was critical of Marx but then he became part of the Neo Liberal scene and founded the Mont Pelerin Society with the likes of Hayek and Mises. Like ok if you don’t want to class economics as a science that’s one thing but don’t go and side with these clowns.

Another example of his lack of self awareness is his staunch defense of Cartesian dualism which completely contridicts his falsifiability idea.

So, I have mixed feelings about Popper. He’s worth reading but also worth reading about as he’s partly full of shit.

I think it’s a good point because the Westoids were losing their shit about the Uyghurs despite the ridiculousness of it all. There are white Europeans in trouble at the moment though so those Muslims will have to wait.

I’m finally here. I joined discord aswell but I much prefer forums than live chat things.