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As soon as I learned the most basic beginnings of the Labor Aristocracy, a year or so ago, I competely dropped any semblance of patriotism dwelling inside of me. It made me think, why should our proletariat of the first world take priority over the third world’s exploitation which in most cases is more exploitative, more dangerous, and grants less individual and mass freedoms. And obviously the first world proletariat works hard and they absolutely must be freed, but not at the expense of the third world. Sweden is a decent example. They (not for covid) care about wages and benefits and good stuff like that, but ask them about helping Africa or something and you’ll hear nothing. USA is a great example of the unequal order of labor. The Oil Workers benefit from putting pipelines through indigenous lands. It’s cheapest to put the pipeline on a straight path, in some cases right thru indigenous land, thus needing less construction to reroute and profit is higher. Let’s say that the oil company(humor me for a sec) increases wages because of the massive profits. What we see is the indigenous community being subjugated and tosses to the side for the benefit of the 1st world proletariat. PatSoc can come off as correct when talking about wanting higher wages and better representation, but it’s like the Sex Trade in the fact that when you, the proletarian, have your interests lined up with that of your industry(the petrol industry for “protection of jobs against Climate initiatives” or pimps and johns for “legalization/legitimacy of sex work”) you will be tricked into supporting policies that do not help you but your boss or customers.

Definitely, that’s why I love Luna Oi so much

Yea I mean, the class politics and slavery certainly didn’t change. Neither did indentured servitude

Ultimate test of whether you’re a Patsoc or not. Are you excited for July 4?

I’d say most of The Critique of the Gotha Program. Like baby leftist me would have been like “hell yea every group that ain’t the Revolutionary proletariat is one reactionary mass of enemies” or “yea the working class needs to liberate labor and give undiminished proceeds of labor straight to the worker! Everything for the worker first!”. Reading that critique really improved my understanding of how socialism works and how not to implement it(with idealist goals)

I do like reading his early 1900s Georgian-ass lingo, “like everyone says…the Sergeant’s widow Flogged Herself!” Or “be cautious when a cobbler starts selling wheat” or something lol.

I think it’s a great idea to quote Adam Smith on this topic, Conservatives never expect him to call landlords thieves

I wanna fight whoever inevitably made a joke about his name growing up

I agree with most of this if not all, where would be a good place to find YT videos on these or documentaries bc it’s tough to find stuff out there that isn’t capitalist propaganda

I’m a Trazi, it’s half Trotskyist, half supporter of NATO jk lol

That is true, the coup on Venezuela that was foiled by fishermen was laughably bad. And I totally agree that the East is now becoming the next bastion of infrastructure change. It’s interesting to see the US shoot itself in the foot like this, infrastructure will influence trade so the US should always be fighting to be apart of a new infrastructure project or starting new ones if it wants to compete, but they aren’t and it will definitely affect the US for decades to come

I agree that many socialists of the global south are more democratic and are also anti-imperialist, but the case that is worrying to me is that of Allende and Pinochet, Allende was democratic and was ultimately killed and replaced by a Fascist that repudiated democracy. Allende represented the right things, but his death proved, to me at least, that the right has no worry about being undemocratic to achieve their goals and I sorta think the left should be just as willing to betray democracy in favor of the working class. You also made some very good points that I am interested in, you had a good analysis of this tbh

I was a DemSoc for a while(I thought Bernie was one lol) and I was inspired by the thought that the working class can all democratically choose the people that will break their chains systematically. I didn’t really have an understanding of socialism at all. When I learned about Allende, I thought that DemSoc actually had a viable path…for about 5 seconds until I learned about Pinochet and how democratic socialism will be dismantled undemocratically and without concern for optics. When I learned THAT, I became a baby ML and now that’s basically where I am. Allende was great but proved that Fascists don’t care about democracy and that those who cling to it will be punished. It’s unfortunate but even Bernie, a SocDem, was organized against so heavily within his own party(ik he’s Independent but still he ran for Dem) that anyone that asked for fundamentally different changes in the system would never be given a fair opportunity.