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I would like to start off by thanking you for providing clips, I will respond to them when I can.

Muad, I admit that saying you hate poor people is exaggeration but you do discredit them to an extreme. I mainly wanna focus on your of definition of settling. You say, and rightfully so, that right now settlers are still settling, and the now is time I am referring to, sorry should have specified. So I ask you, where is this cheap land? I see no home ownership but of the bourgeoisie, and the dwindling middle class. But you claim all settlers are the labour aristocracy/petty bourgeois which is contrary to now! Not everyone got your cush life of the suburbs.

But let’s go back to the era of active settling you say “Absolutely false,folk tlers aren’t kidnapped to colonize lands, they do so because of the promise of cheap or “free” land, and its in their material interests to do so.”

That last part, sorta contradicts the first doesn’t it? The majority of settlers were from the lowest rungs of Britain’s social ladder, sure they weren’t “kidnapped” but they were forced between starving and poverty wages or getting land at the expense and bloodshed of the indigenous, they weren’t really in a position to make a choice. Not to mention the actual indentured servants. To ignore this class reasoning is to ignore all of history. Now when they actually started reproducing and getting accustomed to the privilege with land and genocide of the Indigenous peoples, the majority of settlers becomes of a petty bourgeois class, but still a minor proletariat. In the present day, the US settler state has grown so imperial that it has chewed away at the super wages keeping the workers in this labour aristocracy. In the beginning Britain’s proletariat where pushed to Indigenois lands, their numbers dwindled, but now the proletariat has emerged with class interests aligned with the Indigenous population, the overthrow the bourgeoisie!

Now you may be quick to say that settler and Indigenous interests are immediately clashing, but is it not similar to Western allies and the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany at worst, or the core proletariat and periphery proletariat at best?

Now when I say you hate poor people, it is due to you negating the pain and exploitation they face by ignoring their class as labours!

Now I have not seen your list of ML works could you please provide, I would be happy to look at them.

But Muad, the fact you know I was talking about “Settlers” shows just how much the book has been critiqued. Im not saying the book isn’t helpful, it is incredibly helpful and I will go so far that it is nessecary for those in the US settler state to read, but there’s lots of dogmatism following the book due to it being the most influential about the Settler state, and that dogmatism follows with the notion all settlers are petty bourgeois and benefit so much that they have no revolutionary potential. Imagine if we were all orthodox Marxists and believed there would be a synchronized over throw of the bourgeoisie!

Muad, I don’t really wanna play this game, I really don’t, it’s dehumanizing. In my life, in my town, we have a large population of Indigenous folk due to it hosting the largest Indigenous College in the state. In my experience, with these human beings who have to live through their own genocide, are deeply offended by the term Indian. Maybe the majority prefer it, sure, and if so I apologize for being nit picky. It is not for us to decide, but the ones around me treat it as a slur so I am cautioned by it, sorry for jumping the gun.

Muad my question about socialism bringing sovereignty, is one I am try to wrap my head under. If it doesn’t, are places like Kaliningrad and Tibet colonies? The book I was recommended and am reading “Decolonization is not a metaphor” states China as a communist empire? This is geniune, Muad, there seems to be some hole here that you may be able to point out, can you help please?

I am coming out to say, Muad I have no beef with you, I am just learning about movements like Land Back. And I’ll state it that everyone here wants sovereignty to the Indigenous, it’s just that this air of dogmatism is getting nowhere and the threatening purge of unlisted names will not aid in any attempted understanding and especially isn’t helping the Indigenous people. This isn’t an actual communist party it is a ML forum site, if we really wanna help the Indigenous and/or the Working Class this is not the way to do it.

Goodnight Muad, sorry things got heated I don’t want this to turn out like reddit.

Muad, I am confused

Do you want settlers to join indigenous nations? You don’t want anything with settlers to remain, so what do you want to do with them? Do you want them dead? I have not seen you state any if your ideas for this.

Also why do you hate poor people for just existing?

They are at the mercy of the bourgeoisie forced to settle against their wills, that can’t be refuted. They get little in return and naturally would want to revolt. But you say they CANT and thus are inheritant allies to the bourgeoisie no matter what. This doesn’t make sense could you explain? But you say even sovereignty in socialism wouldn’t be enough if the settlers and Indigenous peoples coexisted. Why? Isn’t stopping the Imperialist, stopping the genocide? Now if you are so set on that socialism can’t bring soveirgnty what do you think if Kaliningrad or Tibet? This seems to have escaped the ideas of Marx, at least your proposal of the settler state. Marx was alive when when the US was still grabbing land, you don’t think he would of thought to point out the settling? Or Lenin during the Spanish American war?

Why do you live so heavily on one book that proclaims anything against it settler apologia? We know barely anything about the author, why the dogmatic view?

Muad, you say Maupin is fascist but you haven’t put any clips of him announcing fascistic remarks, and if this is true I would really like to see for my own eyes. That’s a huge claim to make with little evidence and we can’t just say that about anyone, especially MLs, otherwise it’s like you are making a boogie man.

Also nice use of “the indians”

Ah okay GNU Taler seems to be like what I was thinking of great stuff.

I mean crypto is highly unstable and riff with libertarians so, good luck with that.

Sending NFTs as Mutual Aid!! 😂 Just thought of that. Can’t afford rent? Give your landlord a methhead monkey!

I mean it’s good to be prepared but to needlessly worry won’t change your material conditions so I don’t try to think about it too much.

I do think it’s key for a solid communist party to bring privacy and security for the people (and themselves)

Ok thanks, saying the US is on the verge of fascism (at least finally becoming public) I don’t feel like getting killed cause some acne filled Google intern leaked my pdfs, at least until I’m in an organization, then I’ll be sastified in the fact I stood against fascism unlike so many.

Isn’t it ironic to hear all the Libs shouting “If you wondering what you would do if Hitler came to power in your life, here you go.” when Putin launched the military operation in Ukraine, even though the are ones in the Fourth Reich and supporting Nazis and calling Russians orcs?

Now this seems nuanced issue that a more experienced person would help you out with, so I’m gonna ignore all of that and pretend I know stuff I probably don’t.

Based on your post I take it you are from the States too, and like you I am very poor. Soviet Snake already pointed out that us in the Core have huge wages compared to them (even if in our own countries we can’t afford shit). Lemmygrad has a large mix of people around the globe, and Core comrades aiding Periphery comrades is a very effective option. But not so much for you and I.

Now another issue is having communist sharing information with other communists in the public domain. Now there is probably work arounds someone like me doesn’t know about but it is something to consider. I too am worried about my economic situation, especially with the crash coming up.

Is there an decentralized alternative to Venmo and PayPal, or maybe an organization set up for this. GoFund me? Again I don’t know a lot, but just putting food on the chopping block.

Okay I’m in that area but do I need a new app to open pdfs, to read. TOR just takes me to Files. For example I just downloaded Capital and in TOR it says it is the downloaded area, but when I touch it, it’s says something like “open in different app” and “you may lose privacy” then sends me to Files. Do I need, or is there, a substitute for Files for privacy purposes?

Sorta related here, but is there a place to look at downloaded pdfs on Android that doesn’t take you to Google files? I’m using TOR but it still opens in the default Files app? Is there an alternative?

Ah man, that’s really sad to hear. Started slipping since the Ukraine SMO, or just over time? I’m in the Core but still pretty new to Marxism so novelty hasnt worn off yet and I’m deliberately trying to purge any liberalism in me.

Good work. I don’t know too much about her, does she usually use Marxist jargon or is she dipping her toe in the red sea. If she is starting to use more and more she just may be developing Marxist thought, and while the title is an outrageous claim she does say “(I think)” so it could be her not fully grasping the LTV and pumping it out for the algorithm. It is very Imperial Core tho. I mean I’ve grown into a toddler ML so at least I understand the basic concept of LTV. Also to say such a secure economic analysis is dead, you’d think she would go into more detail or at least more than 17 minutes, lol.

Well it seems you have enlightened me or I guess helped confirm my values on patriotism, I will keep on watching Maupin as he is at worst trying to get a labour movement going. Now on “White trash”. White Trash is classist term, with a blowback of racism, to depict blue collar and rural white people, a huge chunk of the physical working class, as illiterate cousin-fucking rednecks who are a social hinderence and public nuisance. The term “trash” is calling poor people dirty and disposable, while “white” implies as a modifier that being “trash” is reserved for nonwhites and that it is improper for white people to be poor or has lower socioeconomic status. This pushing away of poor white people radicalized them into fascism, and fascism makes them more likely to be pushed back, a sort of positive feedback loop. But why is it used then? Well libs can’t be rascist anymore and they hate poor people above all else, so the only group that’s socially available to be better than are the “white trash”. “Leftist” use it either inherited from being libs or more usually a hatred for the white trash as having backwards social view, without realizing when being excluded pushes them to fascism. For pop culture think a range from Larry the Cable Guy, to early Eminem (a more urban depiction), to Dukes of Hazard, to I forget his name but the hick in the Simpsons. This is a wound of working class solidarity in the States that needs to be addressed.

On land back I just don’t know that much about it and I think I lean towards it it’s just that I don’t know what land back wants to do with white people, again just don’t know enough. Now with Maupin’s open door policy I agree overall that the western left is weak and has to make concessions. To be against CPI because it has some socially consertive members seems dumb. Fascism here is getting more and more comfortable and if you turn away anybody with conservative views it’ll just push them to fascism. That is why socially consertive views are target towards what oriental ists call “white trash”, to keep the working class separated. Under a socialist group they can actually learn and grow, instead of mass murdering trans people. I am mainly speaking out loud to myself here, writing down your thoughts let’s ya process, and a discussion let’s ya comprehend. Anti-imperialism is extremely important to US worker patriotism cause of the inability of a nation to be sovereign while oppressing nations, includes the patriotism being compromised while oppressing other patriotic nations, and only patriotism embracing eachother can it be sovereign and hence international. Also why is that people say he’s pro US if he’s an obvious anti-Imperialist? Thanks for getting me to watch Maupin, I would eventually but this helps with some clear understanding going in.

Well of course! Again some building of culture is needed, and I want US ML parties to start creating new symbols of patriotism. I, myself have been experimenting, and I think the Rooster would be a great symbol. It has been used in the other parts of the Americas on the left, and it has that rural appeal to it. The US flag is a body count of colonies and needs to be done away with, as with most things. We need symbols that appeal to the people, not people to appeal to the symbols.

So I am almost done with that Vaush debate and he seems just like a normal ML. So people are frustrated that he even mentions patriotism? Wow. It also seems that unaffiliated groups with actual issues, are associated with Caleb for no reason then, right?

I am watching one of his lectures right now and he seems pretty based afait. Is it Yankee MLs who are calling him a Nazbol? I mean sure he has the look and voice of an alt right but that’s just surface level stuff, I’ll follow him for a while and go through his stuff to really catch glimpse of him. Him come there’s pictures if him with fascist tho, I can understand an interview even if is not the best execution but why is there pics with them side by side? Again no bloodlust just curiosity

It seems that unassuming trump supporters have material condition s of class consciousness, but don’t have the words or really information to describe it as communism. Lol maybe a better catch phrase than that, something with more umph. Now before I dive in isn’t there somereal issues with Maupin, or is it just his supporters?

I too view it similarly, and the left here need to really to start imagining a better future. Sure the Third World will be painted red first, but us Yanks need to start dismantling the imperial core and reclaim it for everyone. And I mean everyone, even those “backward hicks” leftists love to dunk on. I can go more into what I have been noticing with the neglect of country folk and poor anglos and why a good portion turn to extremism because if it and overall orientalism towards them, but this thread is getting long so I might make a post or write a pamphlet. Dunno still a baby ML, lol.

It also seems like that us Yanks forget minorities exist and an inability to envision the US patriotically. New Afrikans are patriotic for a new Nation in the land of North America, Natives are patriotic for their land back, Hawaiians are patriotic for their land back. But then one might ask “Aren’t they anti-patriotic for going against the states?” No! It’s in the name, United States, a hodge podge of colonies stuck together in insignificant ways due to ruling elite’s arm race if whether Black people will be normal slaves or wage slaves. From what I have experienced, this seems to be pretty well accepted from Yankee MLs, patriotism becomes controversial for white people. This is something I have been pondering and this thread is already getting long but I ll put this down from an idea I have just drafted up. These minorities are patriotic for the betterment of their people not the US, and this aligns with our definition patriotism being about communites so no contradiction here. The US has destroyed almost all culture for them, so their patriotism is consolidating and taking back what they had stolen from them. Now for white people we have no culture under capitalism. Anglos haven’t had a chance to build a culture, and feel true patriotism, and this will atomize further unless we have some sort of communist solidarity and freedom. The true white people’s patriotism is paying reparations to those they have wronged and embracing a communist future where they can finally build a culture. Now, I know I don’t have to clarify that Im not advocating for ethnostates since y’all are smart, but you never know what can happen on the internet.