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You realize that if they’re lured into social-patriotism, which Lenin railed against and refuted time and time again, that that will cloud the trajectory of their development into Marxism and Marxism-Leninism and will simply reproduce more PatSocs?

I don’t think we’re going to reach common ground on the patriot question. Lenin railed against chauvinist, yes, but not socialist patriots. This whole divide has been nothing but asinine from the start. If the masses are going to build socialism in their own country shouldn’t it just be a basic understanding these people will be patriots? I think this is generally understood except for the Left in America apparently. Attack the character of Maupin, Haz, and Infrared all you want I think that point still stands.

You realize that he told us that he was there since 2014? And you’re telling me that he goes around trying to take Discord servers over? no i did not realize that, and i wouldn’t call having a debate in one channel a takeover since it fell pretty flat

You do realize that Haz/Infrared are rightists? So you are a supporter of PatSocs so long as you feel that groups you don’t like are taken out? The everlasting fuck? You want CPUSA to turn to racism and sexism, of which Haz and Infrared are ardent followers of Maupin?

I listened to Haz’s plan for the infiltration of the CPUSA. It basically boiled down to him advocating for people to join the CPUSA then climb their way up as respected members then use the parties democratic system to secure their own seats on the national committee. I don’t know the nitty gritty details of how that plan has been going, im not involved or a member of the CPUSA myself. However, it does seem telling how much the CPUSA leaders freaking out over this, are they really that scared of being voted out? The claim that the CPUSA will be turned sexist and racist is their own slander against the initial surge of infrared members in the CPUSA

EN16MA has a twitter? forgive my ignorance of their entire online presence. This is their website I have checked out https://liberation.neocities.org/site/socialism.html I havent clicked on every link, but there are a wide range of resources like basic introductions to Marxist-Leninist theory, a Full PDF of Killing Hope, an interview Jason Unruhe (questionable figure there) did with a member of the Black Panthers, Maupin tweets. I could see why you don’t like this resource, but I haven’t seen the connections to Browderism though maybe a link alluded me there are many.

On why I joined the Finbol server. It was actually EN16MA who sent me the invite link to it, I had to search through a chatlog to remember that and he said there was going to be a dengist uprising. He was having an argument with a person name Caelliox who thinks China is revisionist. I was basically repulsed by what I saw in that server and the argument about China was not conductive at all. EN16MA was arguing in favor of China, and im not sure how long they were in the Finbol server, but it certainly is as problematic as it is said to be from my exposure to it

Personally I think the CPUSA is failing its duties at the leadership level, and I do agree with Haz’s assessment the CPUSA is currently prostitutes to the Democratic Party. So yes it should be taken over, rightist are already in leading it

Hello Makan, I think we talked at least once or twice a couple years back. I own a discord server called Weeb Revolution and quite a few people have spilled over from Tankie Bunker through invites. Anyways I don’t know much about what position you hold in Tankie Bunker, but the stories i hear about Tankie Bunker are a little alarming. I realize there is only so much oversight a mod team can have presumably not getting payed at all, but several tankie bunker ‘refugees’ have asserted that they saw grooming occurring in Tankie Bunker. Also there are the horror stories of Cassia who moderates r/communism and was connected with Tankie Bunker? (honestly this has become such a internet leftist urban legend i don’t even know the origin of this one except i have seen those infamous chatlogs).

My point is I don’t appreciate this push to ban EN16MA on these allegations. You can disagree with his opinions and his politics all you want. However, from my perspective I will say EN16MA is a very diligent person constantly compiling resources that anyone can dive into and research. I’m not familiar with him in person or his role in the Communist Party of Ireland so i can’t say much there, but I think it would be a harmful precedent to ban people for being associates of Maupin or even Infrared (though Infrared fans i admit could be a bit more sketchy considering the aggressive strategies of that community, perhaps case by case basis there)

Ok, I do respect your thoughts. Just reading all these replies asking to ban EN16MA made me a bit mad. EN16MA never argued that Russia is socialist either. He may be a bit too optimistic about Russia making advances toward socialism, and your reply does raise some serious doubts on that.

It is worth considering if Russia is making steps toward socialism especially under the pressure of international sanctions. EN16MA even in his post said Russia is state capitalist, so suggesting he is just praising Russia’s system as it stands starting a witch hunt to ban him is absurd. I don’t think it should be an offense to ponder if Russia might be in the process of adopting a new economic model and link sources trying to figure it out. Russia is most certainly at least realigning with projects like the NordStream 2 pipeline abruptly being ended.

I follow Donald Courter’s a journalist working at Russia Today so perhaps i’m just a Russian bot, witch hunt me next I guess. He has taken the line he is not a Putinist, but as a Russian himself who has done reporting in the Donbass region and seen the victims bombed by Ukraine its common sense to support Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. NATO’s aggression have gone on far too long. You said in this post you don’t need to get into this. Yes you do. Genzedong and a lot of us came over here specifically because people were censored for ‘misinformation’ on Russia. Honestly you’re trying to censor any of us trying to side with Russia’s anti-imperialism