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Glad you have so many questions!

  1. We might do a forum on Lemmy in the future, though neither of us are particularly skilled at working with Lemmy’s code at the moment so we’re resorting to a different hosting service for now. ProBoards is a pretty good service though, as it seems that it’s only real concern is forums denying COVID-19 which isn’t a problem for us lol.
  2. We think ProBoards has the best design out of all the others we’ve come across, and has also been the easiest for us to set up. And its layout is very customizable which is good.
  3. Making and planning groups is definitely on the table for the future, but right now we’re just focused on bringing it together and making it presentable to people.

Hope this helps!

It’s not that project! This is a totally independent thing Makan and I are working on. It is still very much in its infancy and it’ll be at least a little while until we feel confident in making it publicly accessible.

No worries comrade, everything is all good now :)

Remember all the climate protests in 2019? Remember how everyone was saying that the world would end unless we radically changed the way we live? Hearing any word on that now?

Remember when COVID-19 began and everyone was pushing to stay indoors? Remember when George Floyd was killed and all this “stay indoors” stuff was immediately forgotten about?

Remember how Syria is still at war?

Yeah, nobody in our neck of the woods has the most… developed memory capacity, to put it mildly.

I’m excited to read this comrade. I’m glad my response has sparked a discussion. I’ll get back to you with a proper response when I’ve read through it.

Khrushchev saying it doesn’t automatically make it wrong.

Also, I’m pretty sure Stalin had basically the same idea with the way he rapidly industrialised the USSR. So I’m not sure why it’s suddenly bad in your eyes when Khrushchev points it out.

I’m thinking of making a response post to this. I did it with Enigma’s little Russia essay and lots of people appreciated that, so maybe I should keep the ball rolling!

Yes, but if anything that just adds to my point. Putin is lying about his policy being like the NEP

Yes, thank you for this. We need comrades like you who can speak the truth directly.

I’m sure he’s a good guy, but this post of his was still bad.

That’s a little misleading to say. Yes, China has Russia and the independent republics in Ukraine for the past several months as tensions have built up between Russia and NATO, however China has remained firmly neutral with regards to the invasion of Ukraine. In the recent UN General Assembly vote to condemn the invasion, China abstained from voting against or in favour. Right now they’re pretty much just waiting to see what develops in Russia, and I think they’re right to do that. Besides, China is focused on its own self-preservation more than anything else.

I don’t know much about Tankie Bunker since I’m not a member of it, but from what I know the server has like 1,900 members or some crazy shit like that, a helluva people are on that server. And I think it’s the same people who moderate it as r/InformedTankie, so it’s not a large group of mods. Honestly you’re bound to have incidents like that on a server so big with so people in control of it.

You’re right to feel upset about that, and honestly I had no clue of who this guy was or the reputation he had before making this post, and frankly I don’t care to know. I would never want to be responsible for a comrade having their reputation destroyed because some people took my little call-out post too seriously.

I never tried to start a witch hunt against Enigma. I just made a response post because I felt the need to. I don’t wish for anyone to go and insult or harass him. If there’s any pre-existing agenda against him, I am not a part of it. I just saw his post and thought it was bad.

So no, I did not “get into it” with the situation in Ukraine. I am not here to try and censor anyone. I simply responded to a point something made that I thoroughly disagreed with. That is not censorship. Again, none of this is about how you feel about Ukraine, this post was about countering the idea that Russia itself is socialist.

Exactly. Putin is a selfish opportunist in every conceivable way.

I’m glad you enjoyed my response :D

I’m glad you appreciated my post comrade! But don’t get yourself down, I’m sure you would’ve made a good response too. I got a little too emotional while writing this but hopefully all my points were still made clear