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The issue is seeing those that know better play a dangerous game with BAD IDEAS.

All comrades must be disciplined to some degree.

Not every person from the country is a raving bigoted lunatic and more times than not; because I was RAISED in a poor Appalacian town; I hesitate or dont feel accurate equating the working class from the holler to the well paid chauvanistic good ol boys who owned acres and acres of land and rolled coal from their huge trucks to trigger the blue haired libs theyve never met.

I find it really weird that they assume that most patriots are somehow all in flyover country and those who live in urban areas and maybe ambiantly picked up some progressive or inclusive manners are somehow all champaign Astoria snobs.

Saddam got banned? Ouch.

I strongly disagreed with them. But I dunno about banning. Perhaps it isnt for me to say though. 😕

I genuinely liked what they had to say as far as meat and potatoes theory went.

Eh. Banning them just doesn’t sit right with me.

Well well well… 🤔

Nice. 😏

As a cracker settler… Nice.

No. It’s obnoxious. But I get holiday pay today. So that’s cool.

Did you ask them to blink twice to signal if they were in danger?

Yeah, I agree. Honestly, Im coming more from it from a legal sense and state recognition and all the trappings of financial and tax responsibilities as opposed to non married people.

Other than bringing children into the world or adoption; I see no reason why married people and single people should be considered differently or particularly under the law.

Now ceremonies professing one’ s eternal love for another should just be a thing people do as a matter of culture and celebrating the joy of love and companionship.

Marriage is a patriarchal arraingment. MAYBE you can get a stste grant for starting a family. Why should couples get a fsvorable leg up by thr state against single people?

Last Faith just looks GOOD. I want to believe that it will be the Bloodborne Blasphemous.

You ever played Blasphemous? God damn it’s good.

Thinking about firing up No Man’s Sky for some relaxation.

I think im looking forward to Callisto Protocol. But Im starting to have a come to jesus moment about how stunningingly violent videogames are and it’s starting to get disturbing to me. Im turning into a boomer square.

I am however looking very forward to The Last Faith.

I was seduced briefly by Starfield and had to remember that it’s made by Both in their old engine. Just no.

Animal based and resource wasting sports gotta go.

I would be fine with high impact sports if it didnt require children to make the best athletes for it.

Something about banging kids heads for football seems… Fucked

Im currently playing a new build in Elden Ring. Im also playing Sifu again. I would recommend it. Especially for PC because the mods are fantastic.

Of course No Man’s Sky is always my chill out and just vibe thong right now.

I also finished Horizon Forbidden West. Great game. Needs a NG+ mode.

This is not an interimperialist war no matter how much we wanna believe Russia is no different from the US.

Lenin knows his shit. But Lenin was up against imperialist countries where it was a fight between every european country which were all doing an imperialism.

But Lenin wasnt up against an ultra state such as NATO.

Stalin had a good view of the positions of imperialist and antiimperialist positions that advances Lenin’s thoughts where the class character of a country was secondary to their position in imperialism.

Let’s try to avoid making out own version of “both sides bad” just because Lenin was right to call all divided european states fighting each other an interimperialist war.

Hope GenZhukov can last. 🤷‍♂️