Mathematics student who upon completion of his degree was ripped from the university’s caring bosom and cast into the ghastly cold world of employment

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When you have to add four whole pairs of word associations to convince people that your poster is, in fact, in support of you

Albeit an important one, the scientific method is only one of the building blocks of science. If using it was the singular measure of whether you are engaging in a scientific activity, then all mathematicians, theoretical physicists, statisticians, computer and data scientists, zoologists and botanists, geographers, and medical doctors would be practicing hocus-pocus, despite still somehow always publishing worthwhile results. Collecting specimens, sorting and organising data, computing simulations, coming up with suitable definitions, solving problems, and proving theorems are exactly as important parts of science as prediction and empirical inquiry. One of these parts is also to establish the most reliable and parsimonious frameworks in which the social sciences such as economics, sociology, or psychology can operate, a function that is precisely fulfilled by Marxism. These disciplines don’t employ Marxist theory because their pursuers are sympathetic to socialism (Spoiler: They mostly aren’t), but because the reality of doing economics, sociology, and psychology forces it on them to the point they cannot escape it.