Communist from Russia. Son of soviet people.

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Please don’t turn this into another “anti-tankie” anticommunist sub. Otherwise i will go away.

It’s misunderstandind. All i mean it’s here, in Russia, we have many libs. Not on lemmy.

But MuH DiFFeRenT PoIntS of VieW

No. If they libs and rightoid they libs and rightoids. If you against proletarian dictatorship you are the enemy of the people. Simpe as is.

Thank you. We have respect to west and east comrades who don’t turn into neolib zombie too.

I’m russian. I’m currently live in Russian. And i want to say, Russian Federation isn’t socialist state. Furthermore they’re quite the opposite. Elite and government support decommunization and gloryfication of white guard (russian conterrevolutionary). Antisoviet propaganda everywhere: from movies to tv-programm. Class inequality is very strong. And bussines with official treat people like shit. Nationalist rhetoric increasingly sound from ruling class. Ukraine government is much worse. But don’t have any illusions about capitalist Russian Federation.