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I actually don’t listen to the first one and I don’t know who the second one is. Interesting. I know Nobuo Uematsu, though.

Have you listened to Shostakovich or Prokofiev’s work?

Can you highlight pages on your browser? That might help you save your spot.

Ah, T.S. Eliot’s work isn’t really non-fiction, is it? Not sure what poetry counts as.

Also, I suggest the Marxist publisher LeftWord Books for you (which is by Vijay Prashad).

I just started with /r/classical and then branched off from there.

Also, all the compositions for a composer are out there.

My suggestion? Do some exploration and don’t just go by the household names; the obscure composers are the best, in my honest opinion.

Also, the Soviet Union was famous for its classical music. You can start there and listen to some songs and compositions while you do work on your computer or something.

Other topics similar to this one include:

Video games


Movies/TV shows

Please participate as it’s nice to talk about “light” topics from time to time.

It’s fine. Tankie stuff is hard to come by. You take what you can get.

Oh, I didn’t know. So you can find it all on AntennaPod or Pocket Casts?


So PockeCasts has ALL the podcasts out there?

Those are fine, but a bit over-recommended; I like going off the beaten path.