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On here white MLs from US is against Patsoc when white MLs from mostly European countries are in favour of Patsocs, hummm I wonder why??? There are Patsocs like Haz who is arab. This is crazy.

Is he the rare conservatives who likes China because it is not a hellhole like South California. Who shares same cultural values like “The China”.

Who are those Chinese communists??? I have heard about local people turning against African immigrants due to criminal activities by some miscreants. It is unfortunate but party rightfully stepped in and tried to not make it sensational. They tried not make it into a racial issue.

He is one of those noble souls who will lament how the whip made him punish the colonial subjects. Those evil whips made him whip the shit out of the poor savages.

Marx was a antistatist. Lenin and Stalin distorted marx’s ideas. Marx is more of a anarchist than a communist.

A famous leftist youtuber. (Im obviously paraphrasing)