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I’m playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles and trying to complete Persona 3 FES

I’m planning on finishing Persona 4 Golden, too. Last time I played P3FES and P4G, I messed up my fusions by the end, and ended up very underpowered

  1. Sonk Hechoeg

  2. Maybe BoTW 2, but I haven’t kept up with news on it. I’m waiting for the update to WRSR that adds Cosmonaut difficulty

No, even PS4 emulation is in it’s early stages. PS3 emulation has been steadily becoming more viable over the past few years.

From what I’ve seen, Persona 5 emulated on the Steam Deck through a PS3 emulator should just barely surpass it’s 30 FPS cap

but also Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 on the go

I’m curious as to how difficult it’d be to install the SADX Dreamcast Conversion mod and related mods. Hopefully not too difficult

Wikipedia article unironically goes “the inmates were mostly fascists… Anyway, here’s one of them here to tell you why communism is evil”

There’s no extra content announced as far as I know. I’m hoping they at least raise the frame cap to 60 FPS

I have my Steam Deck coming in the mail this week, so I’m excited about the prospect of playing P5R on the go.

I’m going to try emulating P5 on the PS3 on the Deck anyway, but I’d much rather have Royal (somewhat) native

Are you looking forward to the haunted chocolatier?

It might be fun, but with how sparse the details are right now, I can’t really tell if it’d be my cup of tea or not

Any tips and tricks are appreciated as it might help me break through the wall I have with the game and once I get rolling properly with it I know I’ll be addicted.

Don’t worry too much about making slow progress.

That being said, rush sprinklers. The ones that only cover the 8 tiles around them are surprisingly good, despite what you may first think of them.

The time saved by having sprinklers is incredible.

Going mining? Bombs are probably your best friend.

small exploit

Don’t have a good enough axe to get into the secret woods? Just use a chair. Place it on the left side of the log, and sit on it.

To get out, do the same thing, but on the other side of the log.

Sunk like 35 - 40 hours into Stardew Valley over the past week and a half.

I really need to get around to actually playing Persona 5 Strikers. I got the game when it launched, but I still haven’t even finished the first jail :(

Yes, obviously.

Western media can make any claim they want, most people will not bother to check, especially if the information is in a foreign language.

I am an unbiased third party also suggesting this

<img src=“https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5b70d39e-aee3-4899-a78c-b62b725ffe2d.jpeg” alt=“Mr. Snrub” width=“230” height=“120”/>

Liberals will paint a giant swastika over it, to show how wholesome and democratic they are

I think your post’s clear. I still find the idea idea that Putin of all people will reunify the Soviet Union because necessity™ hilarious as hell

If I remember correctly, he was doxxed (I also recall him receiving death threats, but I’m not entirely sure). He went dark for his own safety, and hasn’t returned yet. If he does return, I’d assume he’d use a different name, format, and everything, in order to stay safe.