I’m quite fond of communism, personally.

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Well once there are enough unions, we’ll be able to join them together to coordinate workers across various businesses. And once that happens, unions will transform from local bargaining associations to a means of organizing the working class en masse. Of course this will take time, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

And pooling together funds from the workplaces that are already worker owned sounds great. Politics is expensive af

Unions are battered right now but it doesn’t have to be like that forever. There’s been a huge resurgence in unionization since the pandemic started especially with big businesses like Starbucks and Amazon. I think we’ll really start to see some serious change the more we organize ourselves. Quantitative change leads to qualitative change, as they say.

So the primary contradiction of capitalism is that the working class cooperates together across all businesses, industries, and countries, but the fruit of their labor is owned not by the working class as a whole, but by whomever owns the means of production. Expanding ownership of the MoP to all the workers of a business is an improvement, but it doesn’t change the relationship of that business between other businesses. That is, workers are still competing against each other to maximize profits for themselves and are still forced to participate in all the self-destructive tendencies of capitalist markets.

A state controlled by the working class is necessary to end worker exploitation and there’s no 2 ways about it. We need the power to change laws, reallocate surplus value, and organize economic growth in ways that benefit workers. What China has been doing with their common prosperity campaign is what needs to happen everywhere - reappropriating profits from corporate giants and putting them towards social development.

Muahaha now I know that you’re subscribed to the Education Hub community! 😈

The bourgeoisie really are trying as hard as they can to recreate the Irish Land War.

Pay attention to what the imperialists have been doing in their foreign laboratories, whether Gaza or South Africa or Colombia. They paint a picture of what to expect within U.S. borders.

What have they been doing in their laboratories?? Has there been any word on what Russia found inside the ones in Ukraine? 😰

Yes it does make a point, actually. Would you trust a serial killer to properly reform the penal system? And do you think that the KKK deserves to have a seat at the table when discussing justice?

History matters. Credibility matters. This is only “whataboutism” if you interpret the Soviet response as an attempt to change the topic, which it’s not.

I think there are a lot of implicit statements that people make when conversing that get misinterpreted when there are disagreements. Also, people don’t say things in a vacuum.

Like with that original example, the reason why Americans talk about Soviet gulags is to characterize them as barbaric people (who we should civilize™️). The reason why Soviets respond by pointing out American lynchings is to highlight their hypocrisy.

Because if Americans truly cared about barbarism, they wouldn’t be carrying out such vicious murders. So therefore, their opinions should be disregarded on this topic because they’re not actually interested in addressing it.

Kinda funny that westerners always call Stalin a dictator when he was elected through popular vote and was 1 of many committee members who led the USSR. I think people just assume that the USA’s government structure applies to every country. Because that quote is maximum projection lol.

The same argument gets thrown around every single election here in the US and it never makes any sense. If no one votes for small parties, then those parties will stay small forever. It’s such short-sighted thinking.

If the communists in Brazil are notable enough to be getting directly slandered like this, then that means they’re a real threat! Unless Bolsonoro means “communist” in the liberal sense.

"… We see the same split in very similar ways where you see some elements on the left in the US and Europe and Canada basically defending NATO. And these tend to be the softer kind of social democratic movements who basically say that NATO is a defensive alliance which ignores the entire history of NATO … So there’s those factions of the left then there’s also a faction basically saying that this is an inter-imperialist rivalry. That Russia is supposedly an imperialist power and that the US is an imperialist power and we should say, you know, ‘Pox on both their houses! We’re against both! Neither Washington nor Moscow!’ "

This is such a call out that it could be applied to all of western social media for the past month haha. The quote starts at 6:46 btw.

I dunno man, it seems to me like that Marx guy predicted the future pretty well. Arguably one of the only economists to have ever made correct predictions lol