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You are still purposefully misusing and construing patriotism as being the same as national liberation.

Caring about the people in your country and wanting to dismantle the existing power structure to create something better isn’t patriotism.

I hesitate to trust liberal and opportunist groups, but KKE isn’t opportunist and I like them.

I still say calling national liberation struggles for international socialism is a pointless label, and Lenin decried American patriotism. In times of war, those in the imperial core should desire the defeat of their own government.

Of course homophobia is a problem in China, I take issue with people claiming that the law is specifically targeting effeminate and lgbt men. I’ve read stories and posts from actual LGBT comrades in China that have said that the law doesn’t mention effiminate men or that the media circus surrounding it exagerates things.

Lenin disavowed “patriotism” unless specifically of oppressed, colonized nations. The Bolsheviks and the original Maoists only considered themselves “patriots” in the sense of the new socialist nations being established, and they destroyed and disavowed artifacts and the cultural narratives of capitalist Russia and Republic of China.

99 percent of “neutral” politically apathetic and oppressed groups would be suspicious of communists that call themselves patriotic, and calling yourself patriotic is an unhelpful empty phrase.

You argument is of using masking and shifting language to appease neoliberals and spit in the face of oppressed groups just to increase the power and reach of socialist groups by maybe a grand total of 2 percent, while alienating those we are supposed to be fighting for and protecting.

You can say all you want about being “patriotic” and wax sand about patriotism not being the same as praising imperialist regimes or figures, but you are still using right-wing language and neoliberal thought for no gain and all risk.

I’m sure that the word of the law explaining the restriction and crackdown on wealthy, bourgeois lifestyles and social media presence is the exact same as a single person saying “effiminate men are icky” -/s

China never banned “sissy men” that was a mistranslation.

I’m currently grinding Dares of Eternity and Grandmaster Nightfalls on Destiny 2 to prepare for the start of the new season next week.

I highly recommend Telesur, and Multipolarista

I consider myself to be a “Classical” Marxist-Leninist but updated to the 21st century.

I strongly support Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Juche, Chavismo and Mao Zedong Thought and limited practical critical support of Ba’athist Islamic socialism and Liberation Theology.

I consider the PRC, Cuba, Laos, DPRK and Belarus to be socialist. Venezuela and Bolivia are demsoc states and I support Syria, Iran, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Russia and the Donetsk region in an anti-imperialist sense.

My criticism of Popper’s argument is that saying Marxism isn’t a science because it can’t make overly specific predictions of on to the-minute events is like saying Meteorology isn’t scientific because you can’t predict a tornado will strike at a certain time in a certain state and last for this many minutes.

Historical materialism was accepted by fact by even mainstream neoliberal economists like Adam Smith all the way up until it became cool to hate the Soviets for liberating their country from monarchs and capitalists.

I liked some of the original ideas the Soviets and Cubans and my homeboy Thomas Sankara had when instituting socialism:

Officials should be held to a higher standard and not allowed to have a super luxurious home when people are suffering, politicians are subject to recall and dismissal by referendum or execution if they are found to be ineffective or capitalist traitors.

Mandating that economic enterprises can only “profit” at a certain level before the rest going back to the state and social programs.