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Was that a couple weeks ago? He had someone on who was going on about how authoritarian China is. I wish Richard would have pushed back.

Just saw he’s gonna be on The Deprogram this week! He’s also on The Socialist Program once a week, which is a GREAT podcast.

Prof Wolff isn’t perfect but I rarely disagree with him. I listen to Economic Update every week still. Sometimes he has libs on though for some reason. I don’t want to use the phrase dumb down, but he is sort of reductive with some things.

Keep in mind support for Marxism/socialism/etc in the USA was pretty much nonexistent for a very long time. Co-ops, unions, etc are absolutely the best way to improve material conditions for the working class under capitalism. Unfortunately I think at this point in the US, the ruling class isn’t going to cede an inch without violent revolution.

I think he was actually the first Marxist I started listening to, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

There’s a lot of factors that make this issue complex. On one hand, the role of automobiles has made (particularly Western) societies an illogically planned mess, forcing most residents to drive to businesses.

On the other hand, capitalists would definitely exploit a lack of ordinances and buy up all land in order to drive up prices…even worse than they do now.

I live in the Midwest in the USA. Even in high income areas, there are still tons of vacant buildings and even totally abandoned strip malls. It’s a mess. I feel like tons of land is wasted. We don’t need nearly as many retail buildings as we currently have.

It makes sense to have industrial areas separate from residential areas, but I feel like retail and residential should be combined more to reduce the need for travel.

Sorry for the late reply, I had only played it a couple hours when I just posted that. I’ve played a few hours now and I’m really enjoying it. Very unique game.

It’s just called Reading List. It was one of the best reviewed in the App Store. Very simple but it fits what I need.

I just transferred my reading list to the Reading List app. I didn’t really use the social aspect of Goodreads anyways. And most of the times I found myself getting mad at the reviews lol.

I have Goodreads but an slowly moving off of there. I’m friends with a bunch of people I barely knew from back when I had Facebook and I don’t want them seeing me reading communist stuff all the time.

I just finished Disco Elysium. One of the best games I’ve played, but didn’t quite enjoy the ending as much as the rest of the game.

I just started Firewatch.

I haven’t found a ton of contemporary western fiction that I like. Any recommendations? I’m planning on reading the Liu Cixin Three Body Problem books sometime soon.

I’m not one of those western socialists who criticizes most other governments, largely because the USA is the worst of the worst.

But why would a socialist defend oppressing marginalized groups? It sounds like you are agreeing with oppressive US policy.

Are you from the US? You keep mentioning Southern California and it sounds really similar to how American conservatives speak. California is still a capitalist hellhole, it’s just a little bit more socially ‘progressive’, and most of that is just performative.

Mainstream acceptance of gay people in the US is still pretty recent. Even then, there are many parts of the country where it would not be safe to be openly gay.

Trans people are being openly discriminated against here. Several states are literally criminalizing being trans and threatening to take trans children away from their parents. I honestly worry for their future here - they are not safe. Many libs are still openly transphobic even.

I’m sure China has plenty of issues but you underestimate how many Americans really are. Also, it’s pretty much perfectly acceptable to be openly racist against China, even in ‘left’ circles.