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On whataboutism I have to say the following. Most of the time I have seen somebody accusing somebody of a whataboutism is a following scenario:

Person 1: A is better than B because B is doing something bad (and A is not). [e.g. “Russia is the one shelling schools and hospitals. Enough said!”]

Person 2: But A is also doing the same bad thing. (How are they better?) [e.g. “Ukraine has been shelling Donetsk schools and hospitals for 8 years.”]

Petson 1: WhAtAbOuTiSm!1!

In here calling whataboutism is a conversation killer to a well defined point (namely, that A does in fact not hold moral highground regarding the said actions of B). Here whataboutism is not used as a fallacy, or as a defense, it is in fact used as a counterargument, and there is nothing wrong with that.

As I said, it is by no means an exhaustive list, it is just my opinion on the most important ones.

Ukraine is irrelevant, why would it be highlighted on a map of important countries? Perhaps if the map was top 7 most important Nazi harboring countries I guess.

I just don’t view Japan as important from my perspective right now as those others. As I said, I limited myself to 7 only, I could have highlighted half that map if I was to go for all of them. I would like to hear your reasons as to why Japan is important and should be higher.

The goverment in Brasil is right wing, but they are so pathetic, disorganised, dumb, etc, that i dont give them a lot of credit.

Brasil will always be important because it is huge, by far the largest in South America.

Israel is an US colony, not Turkey, and the only reason they still exist is because of the US, so if the US cuts the funds out of despair, Israel will eventually colapse.

Absolutely, I agree with you. Sorry about the Turkey thing, I didn’t get the Israel Isn’treal joke. For Turkey they will be important because the Sea and they are large and want their stake in the Middle East. I think their stake is more important that Saudi Arabian, that is why Turkey is highlighted instead of them. As for Isn’treal, they are nuclear power in the Middle East and also the only non-Arabs that are important geopolitically and also they are American bastion, the largest importer of American foreign military aid, so they are mega important in my opinion.

Hungary creating instability on the EU wouldnt be good for us?

Absolutely is, which is why it is highlighted. The map says important, not like not bad for us or something.

The use of authoritarian here means non democratic in the sense of true democracies such as PRC, DPRK, Cuba, etc.

I wouldn’t call Europe right-wing authoritarian nationalist regimes, even though they are dictatorships of the bourgeoisie, they are a different kind.

I wouldn’t call Western Europe authoritarian right-wing nationalists yet. They are dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, but a different kind.

As for Brasil, the government isn’t right-wing? So it is centrist then, hmmmm. Din’t know that, my bad.

Hungary is a meme, but they right now create the instability inside the EU. Anti-Russia is cringe right now, but won’t be once the US falls, unless there is another revolution in it. Turkey being a US colony does not make it any better, even though I would not call it US colony.

Yes, it misses a lot of countries, it is just a subjective map.

Absolutely, because it depends on how you define “vague”. For example, for a long time proving that Earth revolves around the Sun was considered good science, regardless of the fact that it does not constitute what is the orbit like. Then it became refined into “circular”, then “elliptical” and so on. So the vagueness changes with time to becoming less and less vague.

I learned it differently. What I learned is that demsoc want to sieze the state through democratic means and then there is no blood in the revolution. Well, way less blood. Then they turn country into socialism. Socdem just want little reforms.

Wait, I thought Social Democracy (socdem) and Democratic Socialism (demsoc) are two different things. Alende was a democratic socialist. I am a communist because I think we need guillotine back.

This. I wanted to add my point, but you summed it up nicely. It is oversaturation of media, it plays on key biases of the human brain. The ones off the top of my head relevant here are confirmation bias, attentional bias, false consensus effect, in-group bias and the bias blind spot.