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Your comment is at the top without being pinned. Good work man.

Any idea if the creator lives in the “international community”? This sounds like a whole lot like a coping mechanism against dissonance that comes with living in the imperial core while being a communist.

then he’d be in jail with a roof over the head, a bed and 3 meals per day

The plot of The Cop and the Anthem by O. Henry. Tories are trying very hard to turn prisons into indentured labour camps so he might have to rethink that strategy soon.

I have only read “The Indian Ideology” by him. Was a decent book.

Leninism does not mean taking his word for gospel but studying them in the context of their historical conditions and adapting them to ours.

What does revolutionary defeatism look like in practice? It does not mean for third party bystanders like me to root for their favourite country like in a football. It is an attitude that Lenin wanted the people of Russia to adopt to create conditions that would destabilise the ruling class and allow the Bolsheviks and other worker parties to sieze power. Currently worker movements in Russia are a pale shade of what they were like in Lenin’s time. There is no vanguard party of any sort to sieze power.

Let’s say Russia fail in whatever it is they are trying to do. Undoubtedly, Ukraine would not be able to pull this off without a lot of help from NATO. They will also likely not pledge neutrality at the end, which just foments more instability. I don’t see how this helps the working class in Russia.

Back then a single country was not the sole hegemon. Currently apart from being the wealthiest country, USA has a tight grip over global finance and fuel supply, alongside having the most largest and the most expensive military by many miles and the ability to influence and sometimes control the economy and politics of countries on all seven continents which is also regularly exercised maybe except in Antarctica.

This conflict is qualitatively different from those that were contemporary to Lenin’s time.

The last thing for-profit healtcare cares about is health so it isn’t conspiratorial to suggest that. Pharma companies are not the sole culprit in this because other businesses have also done their very best to make sure that people communicate this disease to each other by forcing them to come to work and so on. If the pandemic was completely contained, they would have been able to sell the vaccine to one person once. Now this person is going to buy one or two booster shots every year, which is a win for them. There is profit in selling the vaccine, not in eradicating the disease.

Not sure what he says in the video but this is the gist of it.

Can you distill some of his points? The video is too long and he talks slowly. Plus Br*tish.

Lemmy has two core contributors. It makes use of a service called pict-rs to allow image upload, which has one other core contributor.

If you can code in Rust, you can try contributing code. Otherwise you can report bugs in the issue tracker on GitHub. Or you can help with translations. Links to further instructions can be found here:

I got banned too. It was for posting in genzedong. Whenever I posted in /r/communism and /r/communism101 I practiced liberalism and only said things that would not offend their sensibilities but when Gonzalo died they went a bit insane.

I tried understanding why they upheld Gonzalo but there were never any clear answers to this question. There were a lot of [removed] comments and insinuated that whoever did not hold their line of thought was reactionary. I found one comment from an esteemed member which had links to Maoist blog posts defending Gonzalo but I wasn’t able to understand them. Either because of the English being too different or too difficult for me or the historical context, which as someone from Asia I knew very very little about, being taken for granted.

I understand that communist spaces are a bit prone to brigading but the subreddit seems completely dead especially if you look at the membership count. It is a bit nuts the main subreddit for communism, even if it is the main one just in name, has such a narrow and set-in-stone spectrum for the correct opinion despite most of the moderators belonging to the nexus of anti-communism at the heart of the imperial core. I am only assuming here that most of them are from the US, though I could be wrong so please don’t take this as a fact.

I feel liberals pin a tab with Wikipedia’s page for logical fallcies in their browsers and whenever a statement makes them uncomfortable, they just look for a fallacy that coupd vaguely fit the situation and use that to tautologically discard all arguments.

Haven’t read this yet bit bookmarking for later.

Seems like Zelinsky has stated now that NATO won’t accept Ukraine. I can only guess but judging from his earlier insistence of a NATO-backed no fly zone, he was probably harbouring the delusion that a membership was on the cards.

EU should not end up relying only on US for fuel because that will be disasterous for them. If those making the decision have more than two brain cells they will continue to buy fuel from Russia while hastening the transition to alternative energy sources.

Russia and China are already allied. Their usage of dollars among themselves is going down every year. Regarding India I have no idea what the future holds. Looks like America’a dog only when it comes to China. The administration refused to condemn Russia for the invasion and now social media is full of sanghi buttholes wanting Russia to shed blood in Ukraine. I think India is still in west’s clutches. They have the control of our communication and ecommerce infrastructure. Because of how much Indian businesses rely on American and European businesses I don’t think any sort of decoupling is anywhere on the horizon right now.

But still only Russia and China trading fluidly will be a win for the non-“international community”. As much as I personally want there to be no wars I can’t imagine how else this could have gone. There was no “diplomatic solution” to America’s chicanery to try and balkanise Russia.

Anyone can create a Lemmy instance. Being federated means that instances can talk to each other. So you can subscribe to communities hosted in other instances and post/comment on other instances with your Lemmygrad account without having to create an account in that specific instance.

That commenter from the subreddit is also one of the "seasoned veteran"s there. It’s a wild subreddit.

Anyone knows how sci-hub gains access to all these articles? Do volunteers with access upload the research to them? Or do they bypass the authorization process of paywalled sites?

If you search for bayarea415 on /r/genzedong and sort by new, you might be able to find it. I have seen archives posted there.