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Yeah Hinkle, more or less, strikes me as very misguided. It never feels like he understands what he’s talking about. But like you said, who knows.

Something that came to me today is that the Revolutionary War could be considered an inter-imperialist (or colonialist, depending on how you interpret it) conflict, considering what the US later became (and kind of already was).

I think that any patsoc that says “happy 4th” is tacitly supporting those things.

Idk if anyone here knows of the youtuber Aaron Clarey but he’s big on STEM, as well as trades, and the military, regarding “guaranteed jobs that are pay well”. I’ll give him the military, but I’m not sure about trades at this point.

From what I understand, China only lets billionaries be if they don’t hinder the CPC.

If they do…well then they get executed a lot of the time.

China needs an influx of capital in order to defend their socialism. Their military is now world-class, and I think that’s only thanks to dengist policies.

One of the few rare instances of good journalism from the daily mail.

I think in an ideal society, there would be no institution of marriage at all. Regardless of that though, yes marriage equality should be one of the immediate things.

Thank you for this. I think I’m beginning to understand a lot better now.

I suppose my idea of patriotism has just been severely morphed by constant propaganda and indoctrination from early childhood into something that’s not patriotism at all, because I’ve never found it appealing for that reason. I’ve always interpreted patriotism to be “even if my country can do better, it is still fundamentally doing right things”.

And let me be clear. I’ve always emphatically supported anti-imperialist countries being patriotic. It’s just the imperial core countries where it has felt like a contradiction to me. But I understand that that itself can be seen as an inconsistency.

Ah alright. I always had the impression that the party was just basically communist in name only. Them endorsing Hillary in '16 kinda ruined my impression of them. Glad that the party is not as bad as I thought.

(I wasn’t one of the downvoters)

I’ll try to explain it the best I can, from my point of view. If the area controlled by the US became socialist, it would essentially cease to be as it has been. The US has never been about helping people, it has always been about oppression. Would I call the bolsheviks “russian patriots”? No, I personally wouldn’t. They did away with pretty almost every relic of the Russian Empire. They made an entirely new country. The only recognizable aspect, at least in the name, was the “Russian” part in RSFSR.

However, I will say this, if it is ultimately necessary to get an adequate amount of people on your side, than I suppose fashioning yourself as an “american patriot” is alright. I just find it hard to understand on an ontological basis. It truthfully makes no sense to me, because their aim, to me, is the opposite of “american patriotism”. Being a patriot to me, would mean stuff like supporting elected officials.

I have a question for you if you can answer, because I don’t know myself. Did the Spanish republicans call themselves patriots? It’s not to prove a point, I’m just curious.

If it was truly for innocent reasons like they now claim, then why didn’t they just admit it from the outset? 🤔

To be fair, to be an F1 or Nascar racer, you need to have a lot of endurance (more mental than physical) to stay in those cramped cars for such a long time, especially F1. So I personally would consider them to be sports, to an extent.

I do like the suggestion you have about putting a running/bike track on golf courses.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned auto racing. I would certainly consider it, especially F1. Uses a lot of land just like golf, and there isn’t even greenery. Just tarmac. Plus the cars use a lot of gas and oil from what I understand. I mean, F1 races go on for like 100 laps I think?

Lol, I’m not really a sports person at all, so I appreciate this answer. Wouldn’t technically mind if sports stopped existing. It wouldn’t affect me personally. But I understand and respect that it brings a lot of people joy and fulfillment.

I think the future is looking pretty bright, comrades. I can’t help but be optimistic when stuff like this happens.

I can’t believe how much you pay me…Do you want some back?

Omg they’re literally the real life version of Mr. Krabs.

I think to put it simply…

In a capitalist system it’s good, reduces total amount of exploitation

In a socialist system it’s bad, reduces freedom

You basically described Democratic Kampuchea (which was a useful tool for capitalists to boot).

Pol Pot’s regime was anprim in many ways. The only extra step that would’ve needed to happen was getting rid of agriculture.

I am a firm supporter of current existing indigenous tribes though. They must be preserved. That’s what they want.