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I don’t use too many add-ons besides ublock origin, but besides that if on desktop, I use librewolf, which is an already hardened firefox, and on android, I use mull, which is the same but for FF for android.

You don’t need to, click the create post at the top.

Its only on the community page that the button is hidden.

/uj Candidate stacking is the biggest one tho really. It doesn’t matter how people vote, or who does the counting: the candidates have both been vetted and funded by capitalists.

“It is enough that the people know there was an election,” begins a quote attributed to Stalin on Facebook on March 21. “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Wonder what else Stalin would post on FB.

I also really like the idea of falsifiability, but Popper seemed to not apply it at all when it came to communist countries, being blinded by western propaganda.

In his lifetime the USSR became a world superpower despite starting out at an extremely low level of economic development, won a world war and saved the world from fascism, eliminated illiteracy, raised life expectancy, and went into space.

Get down to business, all of you! You will have capitalists beside you, including foreign capitalists, concessionaires and leaseholders. They will squeeze profits out of you amounting to hundreds per cent; they will enrich themselves, operating alongside of you. Let them. Meanwhile you will learn from them the business of running the economy, and only when you do that will you be able to build up a communist republic. Since we must necessarily learn quickly, any slackness in this respect is a serious crime. And we must undergo this training, this severe, stern and sometimes even cruel training, because we have no other way out.

You must remember that our Soviet land is impoverished after many years of trial and suffering, and has no socialist France or socialist England as neighbours which could help us with their highly developed technology and their highly developed industry. Bear that in mind! We must remember that at present all their highly developed technology and their highly developed industry belong to the capitalists, who are fighting us.

We must remember that we must either strain every nerve in everyday effort, or we shall inevitably go under.


I too recommend against it. I had it for about a month, and it was a giant time waster. Its one of those apps you feel really liberated after deleting.

Yeah lol, just look at China’s metrics under SWCC. Poverty elimination, life expectancy gains, world trade… are these “doing nothing”?

but there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that they will be leading the global communist movement from a place of ideology anytime soon.

SWCC, the Doi Moi reforms, and other similar measures are showing that utilizing markets to serve socialism is 100% effective. China is either already beating or about to beat the US on every meaningful metric: % of world trade, life expectancy, home ownership rates, education, patents / tech advancement… etc.

Maoists on the other hand are still playing theory games in their heads, constantly bickering with each other about who is more revisionist, and killing and alienating themselves from every group they encounter.

If I wasn’t really busy and this wasn’t so long, I’d tackle the arguments, because this is rehashing everything the maoists are completely wrong about, disproven by history. I hope others tackle these arguments in the spirit of zhou enlai and deng xiaoping.