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Only excited because one of these July 4 holidays will be the last one the empire celebrates.

In the US, patriotism/nationalism are the same thing. Maybe patriotism is good in an ML society, but in a capitalist one it pits workers against their own class.

nationalism is [not] necessarily a prerequisite to caring for the collective good of people in your country.

Yes I totally agree with you and would take this one step further. Nationalism is necessary for ignoring the collective harm being done to people outside your country.

I believe the idea is to shorten work weeks to force the capitalists to hire more laborers in the US. If the capitalist could move their production to Asia, they would have done it already.

Most USian workers don’t work in factories producing tangible commodities. They work in restaurants, accounting firms, and other types of service work that can’t be easily exported. Again, if the capitalists could export this labor easily, they would do it with or without a shortened week.

If the customer never compliments the work and it’s never on time, maybe the boss sucks at running a business.