“wheat is capitalism. brown rice is socialism. and then when you have white rice, that’s communism”

I’m not a man, I’m not a woman. I prefer masculine terms.

I’m a student of Marxism-Leninism.

I’m over 20.

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Very recently tried out PocketCasts after many years, and the interface feel very similar to AntennaPod. But I still prefer and recommend AntennaPod over PocketCasts.

Well, you can’t access the Joe Rogan show because it’s a Spotify exclusive. So no, but are we losing anything of value? Also no.

Podcasts publish new episodes on an RSS feed. There are many podcast clients that read the RSS feed link and present to you the episodes so you can stream or download them. This makes the podcast a decentralized media format. Spotify is trying to centralize it by hiding RSS feeds and creating exclusive “podcasts” that can only be accessed from Spotify.

If you can find the public RSS feed link then AntennaPod, Pocket casts, gPodder, whatever podcast client, can access it.

Many people probably hate Spotify for podcasts because it’s trying to kill an open format. If Spotify can get control over podcasts then they decide what can and can’t be created.

No problem, I discovered it by accident when I created my account. It’s a little hidden tbh but at least you can block multiple communities at once very easily. Bear in mind that if you block a user they can still interact with you (for some reason) so harassment should be reported to the mods :)

In your profile settings you can add a community to a blocklist

I’m sorry but bringing up Kruschev and Stalin as comparison is too funny

If you’re someone like me with reading issues, this app is very good because you have a TTS function and you can load your custom fonts for free. And no ads. Too much for someone who only needs to open some PDFs though.

There’s an app called Secure PDF viewer that doesn’t need access to your storage. MuPDF viewer is a bare bones reader but I’ve had problems opening heavy PDF files.

An app like Librera Reader Pro (from f-droid) or ReadEra (from Google Store) requires access to your files but you can use them like a virtual library. Display information, create collections, delete them, etc. You can even exclude folders if you need to.

The article about choosing the right web browser… where did time go?

Isn’t cricket popular in South Asia? (Because, brits) Is it a posh sport over there too?

Recommending vim as a note taking solution to someone who didn’t really know what a text editor is might be a little sadistic. It’s so fucking funny.

It’s very funny to see heavy users recommending add-ons and solutions you didn’t ask for. Some of them quite complicated to understand if it’s the first time you hear about them.

I’m not judging, I’m obsessed.

I use Firefox, so:

Text-to Speech: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/read-aloud/

Best video downloader: https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp

Improved readability: Mobile Dyslexic, Midnight Lizard, Pocket and the Firefox reading mode (it has a TTS feature as well).

Pocket saves articles for later. You can add tags and make highlights. With the phone app you can even read them offline.

This creates markdown files, for PDF I just use the print function: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/markdownload/

When it comes to note taking, there’s Evernote and it has an add-on for web-clipping. But I don’t use it because a text editor is enough for me.

You should be absorbing contradictory ideas from tiktok and twitter like a good 21st century young person instead /s

It’s a consonant from Sinhala script that became a meme because it looks like… those things from Among Us. I don’t know what those things from Among Us are. Please help. It’s been years now and they’re everywhere.

The show was good.l enough. I don’t feel like I would have missed out much if I hadn’t started the book. I’m halfway through, maybe I’ll feel different when I finished. Who knows?

The Queen’s Gambit. Content warning for child sexual abuse on the first chapter. Not sure what I think of this book.

Dessalines, if you’re reading this, I’m giving you a socialist fraternal kiss on both cheeks. Thank you!