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Have to have a lil’ nerd out here…Two of my favorite composers are also anti-fascists:

Shostakovich (of course, but really he is a genius) and Hungarian anti-fascist Béla Bartók. Bartók is considered one of the fathers of ethnomusicology and a lot of his music is based upon the folk melodies and harmonies that he collected and expanded upon. He was unafraid of using a lot of tritones and ending works on a V chord. He really knew how to use dissonance to excite the ear and still sound pretty. If you only check out one work of his it’s got to be his Concerto for Orchestra.

Here’s a link of my favorite recording of the final movement, but I highly recommend listening to the entire piece!

I hope he will grow out of it in a few years, he is still young enough to have a chance to drop the PatShit before it gets too too ingrained. But who knows shrug

I’m only excited if we get to burn the flag

Down with the corporate media and the fascist western powers. Down with the petrodollar too. One love to my comrades.